Carbon dating of dwarka city

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carbon dating of dwarka city

Carved wood, pottery, beads, broken pieces of sculpture and human teeth have been retrieved from along the river banks, according to a report in the Indian Express newspaper. The modern city of Dwarka, which in Sanskrit means 'Gateway to heaven', Carbon dating on debris recovered from the site, including. June 12, Reply.

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Inthe students of National Institute of Oceanography were commissioned by the Indian Government to do a survey on pollution in Gulf of Khambat, seven miles from the shore. The discovery of what is believed to be a year-old city off the coast teeth has been carbon dated and found to be nearly 9, years old. In the offshore excavation, the ASI's trained underwater archaeologists and the divers of the Navy searched the sunken structural remains.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. The first clear historical record of the lost city is dated A.D. and occurs in the . of Dwarka in Harivamsha purana, and the fact that the carbon dating of. Jyothsna Vijayendra.

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It is also older than the Egyptian and Chinese civilisations. NEW DELHI: The exact age of Dwarka, the ancient submerged city off Gujarat Archaeologists will now use the carbon dating technique to. The discovery astounded scientists because it predates all other finds in the area by 5, years, suggesting a much longer history of the civilization than was first assumed.

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Internet links:. “The carbon dating of BC obtained for the wooden piece recovered from the site changes the earlier held view that the first cities. Dwarka was supposed to have been built on six blocks, two on the right bank and four on the left.

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The samples of the excavation have been brought to the capital and shall soon be given for lab testing. Marine archeology in the Gulf of Khambhat - earlier known as Gulf of Cambay - centers around of Khambhat Cultural Complex (GKCC) are claims about the existence of submerged city-like structures, the difficulty associating dated artifacts with the site The piece of wood was carbon dated to an age of 9, years old. Further extension to Rao was not given as he had already reached the age of

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They are randomly scattered over a vast area. When underwater settlements are concerned within Indian marine archaeology, the most talked about would be the ancient city of Dwarka. The city was connected by an elaborate system of boulevards, roads, market places, assembly houses and temples.

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It has greatly narrowed the gap of Indian history by establishing the continuity of the Indian civilization from the Vedic age to the present day.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The city is five miles long and two miles wide, carbon dating estimates the site Dwarka, one of the best-studied underwater sites in India, has.

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This, however, might help in ascertaining the rise in the sea-level about 30 meters in 7, years, approximately at the rate of 10 meters in 3, years. Carbon dating of dwarka city - Dwarka, India Year Old City of Lord Krishna Found. Underwater Cultural Heritage.


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