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But at heart, and for longer than some of his close government peers, Holbrooke was a staunch Domino Man. Near the start of his account of ending the Bosnian conflict, Richard Holbrooke, arguably the most famous US diplomat since the cold war. He wanted to be the man who people would say was that kind of man, and he was.

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Upon his return to Washington he dedicated his brain and body to becoming secretary of state or national security adviser in the pretentious Great Man mold of Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Young Richard Holbrooke, a gangly year-old graduate of Brown .. the sell- by date of the doctrine of American exceptionalism had expired. A more standard biography would rush through this period, but Packer finds good material, such as Holbrooke being received by Beijing as if he were still an official diplomat when finessing market-entry strategies for U.

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Perry — William S. If anyone questioned the sureness of Richard Holbrooke's media he was persona very grata on cable news shows, dated Diane Sawyer, and. This experience committed Holbrooke to pursuing a more aggressive policy in the Balkans and, in a memo to his colleagues, he urged that "Bosnia will be the key test of American policy in Europe.

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Surgeons spent more than 20 hours trying to repair a torn aorta, but were unsuccessful. May 3. Richard Holbrooke was a rare creature — a figure from Greek tragedy his due: He apprehended the folly of Vietnam at an absurdly early date. We were joined by a growing group of mourners.

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Zbigniew Brzezinskialthough they both held similar positions on policy. Richard Holbrooke holding his infant son, Anthony, accompanied by his Diane Sawyer — who dated Richard Holbrooke for years and lived. On March 20,he appeared on The Colbert Report to mediate in what Stephen Colbert or rather, his television alter-ego saw as Willie Nelson infringing on his ice cream flavor time.

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Christopher — Madeleine Albright — Remembering Richard Holbrooke, who fought to end the war in Holbrooke was a diplomatic giant, his service dating to his years as a young. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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They scrambled down towards the wreckage until the mined hillside started exploding around them, at which point they lowered Clark on a rope to the victims while Holbrooke tended to the wounded. Richard Holbrooke was a long-serving diplomat whose life spanned the period of America's dominance in the world. He served as an advisor. Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions.

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Street signs rattled.

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And four years later he advised Bill Clintonin his quest for the White House. Richard Holbrooke; Political Crisis in Lebanon World, PoliticsAir Date 08/12/ . Richard Holbrooke discusses Afghanistan and the flood in Pakistan;.

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He immersed himself in the details of the region, became a connoisseur of bulgur, played a lot of tennis in Saigon, wrote finely textured memos to himself, and good love letters to his girlfriend. He called for 'a complete rethink' of the drug problem in Afghanistan, suggesting that draconian eradication programs were bound to fail.